9 Mar 20


Introducing The Customs House, Kalkan Turkey

At the end of the 19th century Kalkan was an important trade centre thanks to its big harbour. Sailors stayed in town at different pensions and could drink in various pubs. The Customs House building was one of them and in 1854, was constructed as a pension /pub by a Greek entrepreneur. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Ottomans used the building as a Customs House due to its superior location over the harbour. New parts were added to the building in the 1930's and in 1950, the basement of the building was used as a cotton factory and oil production facility. In 1958, the building was damaged by fire and was not used again until 1998. Between 1997 -1998 under the supervision of Turkish Cultural Ministry, the building was renovated according to its original plans.Costums House Kalkan 2 Copy
By the early 20th century Kalkan had become quite a sizeable village. At the turn of the century it had its own Custom House and in 1915 there were reportedly 17 restaurants, a goldsmith, a shoemaker, and several tailors. The attention to historic detail surrounding the Customs House is symptomatic of the determination to keep Kalkan beautiful. Costums House Kalkan 10 Copy
Trading continued after the 1923 population-exchange and the Customs House was in full use until sea trade faded away in the1950's due to the improvement of the Turkish road system and the adoption of overland transport.
Strict building and preservation codes are enforced and many of Kalkan's buildings are listed, including the Customs House. The building occupies such a prominent place in Kalkan's history that the authorities insist the modern owners keep it a traditional pink colour, as well as maintain its architectural integrity and the Ottoman Flag that is engraved on the decorative front 'pediment' overlooking the sea.
The building, like its surroundings, is steeped in history and following a refurbishment of this wonderful property over the winter, we now offer the opportunity to stay there in 2020/ 2021.Take a look at the property and pricing in more detail.