Discover Koh Samui


With direct flights from Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong, Koh Samui is easy to get to and makes a perfect relaxing destination as part of a twin or multi-centre getaway. First time visitors to Thailand like to spend a few nights exploring the cultural highlights in Bangkok and then jump on a domestic flight down to Koh Samui for a restful sojourn amongst the swaying palms. The island has been popular since the days of the hippy trails in the 70s, but tourism really took off with the opening of the Samui airport in 1989 providing much more accessible travel, particularly for those with time constraints.

Located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, the island is a quintessential tropical paradise with white sandy beaches and inviting turquoise waters, and at the heart of the island is unspoilt lush green jungle and cascading waterfalls. Koh Samui is Thailand's second largest island and covers a land mass of approximately 228 km² making it very easy to explore the captivating wealth of sights to be found there

Koh Samui offers so much - a relaxing getaway with wellness at its core, cultural sites such as colourful Buddhist temples and iconic monuments and statues, bustling night markets for fanciful shopping and delicious food on the go, warm seas teeming with aquatic life that are great for diving and snorkelling, cafes and restaurants serving mouth-watering authentic flavours, and beach clubs and bars for socialising and partying. Peace is easily obtained in one of the many coastal retreats, yet a buzzing nightlife, particularly in and around Chaweng, can also be enjoyed.   

This luxury hideaway can be whatever you want it to be.    

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