Our Guide to the Atlantic Coast of Morocco

Discover the Atlantic Coast on your Morocco holiday

With the Atlantic Ocean to the west of Morocco and the Mediterranean Sea to the north. This is the only African country with coastal exposure to both sea and ocean. The Moroccan coastal towns remain largely untouched, this is ideal for laid back travelers who are curious to get an insight into the other side of the Moroccan lifestyle. 

Far from the popular city breaks of frenetic and lively Marrakech, and adventurous escapes into the Sahara Desert that Morocco has to offer, you will also find a long coastline dotted with an array of charming localities, perfect destinations for a sun-filled, relaxing getaway. 

One of these is the village of Oualidia. This small village faces a saltwater lagoon and beach where the coastline and ocean merge into one. The lagoon brings in copious amounts of birdlife, including flamingos in the winter months. Its calming waters are also perfect for activities such as kayaking. 

Another notable destination and highlight of the Atlantic coast are Essaouira; a small, relaxed city on the west coast and popular for many art galleries, artisan craft shops, and its ancient medina (a UNESCO World Heritage site).

Out & about

Morocco's Atlantic coastline features stretches of sandy beaches which are geared up for water sports, particularly surfing and body boarding. Most beaches have sun loungers and parasols available to rent, however, other facilities, such as cafés and shops, vary from place to place. Some of the more popular beaches will also offer camel and horse rides, along with quad biking. 

Food & Drink 

The coastal areas within Morocco have some of the freshest seafood, when caught they will sell within their stall almost instantly. There is also a person who offers to cook this for you in some places such as Essaouira. The catch of the day can be made into some superb Moroccan cuisine. This can be within a Tagine, baked in foil, filleted fish, fish balls and many other options. The spices can be slight with just cumin and salt then foiled to keep that fresh sea taste, or they can season the fish to excellence to create a journey of flavours.

Below are some examples of the seafood and what they use it for:

       "Le loup" or "Darii") and can measure anywhere from 20 to 70 cm, is also a favourite for fish tagines or stuffing. 

       La lotte (Eng: monkfish) is another perfect fish for tagine.

       Congre (farkh in Moroccan) ideal for tagines.

       Ombrine is used for stuffing as well as Pandora

       Merlan (Mirna, mirla in Moroccan) or whiting in English, a -Moroccan favorite for fish balls or for frying.

       Shark and swordfish are commonly used from grilled fish kebabs.

       Soles are just as good for cooking foil or frying