No one expects to be in an emergency situation on holiday, but if it happens to you and your party, you will need to know who is available to contact and what you need to do.

If you need the Police, Jandarma (military police), Fire Brigade, Ambulance or Coast Guard, call 112 and they will contact the relevant department. The only emergency number you will need in Kalkan is 112. This applies for the whole Antalya region.

Please note, if you call 112 from a landline, they will automatically have your location, as they will have the address for where the phone is registered. This is helpful if you are unable to provide clear directions.


Emergencies on the beach/at sea
The Kalkan Belediye provides life saving equipment, and a life guard for Kalkan's beach.

If you need to raise an alarm, you can go to the Pinar Büfe cafe behind the beach. It is possible that when you call a coast guard or the Jandarma, you may not get through to someone who speaks good English, so here are a few helpful phrases;Kaputaş and Patara beaches do not have a life guard. During the tourist season, you will see a Jandarma station at the top of the steps at Kaputaş beach. At Patara beach, you can raise an alarm at the cafe during the main tourist season, they'll know what to do. 

Help! =  Imdat! (Im Daht)
I need the coastguard =  Sahil güvenlik istiyorum (Saa-hil Goovanlik ist-yoorum)
I don't know where my wife is =  Eşim nerede bilmiyorum (eshim Neh-reh-deh Bilm-yoorum)
I don't know where my husband is =  Kocam nerede bilmiyorum (Kocham Neh-reh-deh Bilm-yoorum)
I don't know where my child is =  Çocuğum nerede bilmiyorum (Choh-chuum Neh-reh-deh Bilm-yoorum)
He/she is on a boat =  O botta (Oh Bott-tah)
He/she is drowning =  O boğuluyor (Oh Bouu-Luh-Yoor)
The boat is sinking =  Bot batiyor (Bott Batti-Yoor)


Road traffic accidents
If you are involved in a road traffic accident, you will normally need to call the Jandarma and you must wait for 

Turkish Jandarma

them to arrive. Call 112, and they will connect you to the Jandarma. You must not move your car until told to do so by the Jandarma or Traffic Police. Try and take a photograph if possible. You will have to produce your driving documents when they arrive, so make sure you carry them at all times.

One thing you won't have to worry about is expenses for hospital treatment. If you hire a car, your car insurance should, subject to the traffic police attending and completing the relevant forms to show the hospital, entitle you to free treatment in hospital if you are involved in a road traffic accident. Always make sure that your car hire company provides this insurance.

In some minor cases, you won't need to contact anyone but you should check these circumstances with the British Embassy. If you have an accident which is not within the Antalya province, call 156 or 154.  

Useful phrases;

The accident is on (road name) =  Kaza (road name) yolunda (Ka-zaah Yoh-lundah)
Someone is hurt =
 Biri yaralandı (Birri Yar-ah-lan-duh)
I am hurt = 
Ben yaralandım (Behn Yar-ah-lan-diim)
Car = 

Van = 
Minibus = 
Bus = 
otobüs (otto-boos)
Lorry = 
kamyon (kaam-yon)
Scooter = 
Pedestrian = 
yaya (yay-yah)

Theft, robbery or loss of property
In the event of a robbery/break in at your Kalkan property, you can call the Jandarma office directly on (009) 0242 844 3005.

Most burglaries will happen at night. If you wake up to find someone breaking in, the advice is to make lots of noise and turn lights on. Switching all the lights on can help guide the Jandarma to your property. It is advisable not to confront anyone. It is possible that you will have to provide directions to your property, as the Jandarma won't necessarily know all the street names and may not be from the area. If you are in the Old Town, they will probably know the streets better. Try to note some local landmarks which could help you direct them. If you need help from someone who can speak Turkish, please don't hesitate to contact our rep in Kalkan. It may be worth considering registering your details with the Jandarma on your arrival in Kalkan.

This will give you peace of mind, that if anything should happen on your holiday, they can find you more easily. You can let them know where you are staying and they will give you an emergency ID number. If you call them and quote that number, they can respond quicker as they will already know where you are staying.


Loss or theft of your passport
The best way to get an emergency passport when yours is stolen or lost, is to contact the British Honorary Consulate in Fethiye. Fethiye is around 1 hour drive from Kalkan. It may be a good idea to keep a scanned photocopy of your passport on your phone or email, so you can easily provide your passport information if this happens to you.

The address for the office in Fethiye is:

Atatürk Caddesi

Likya İş Merkezi Kat: 2 No: 202




Email: bhcfethiye@superonline.com

Phone: (009) 0252 614 6302 


If you or any of your party develop COVID-19 symptoms while abroad, you should:

  • Follow local guidelines on self-isolation and testing.
  • Call the Ministry of Health hotline on 184 and follow their advice.
  • Contact your travel insurance provider.
  • Inform our Overseas Manager by phone and UK office by email.
  • Seek medical advice if needed.

​​See the TravelHealthPro website for   further advice on travel abroad and reducing spread of respiratory viruses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

There is a Turkish government insurance policy that you can buy as a tourist which covers you for COVID-19 treatment   https://tga.gov.tr/insurance/

Please ensure you keep up to date with local health advice before and during travel.  Local authorities may put in place additional COVID-19 restrictions, including curfews, with little or no advance notice.