Dining at Royal Mansour Marrakech

A fine dining restaurant in Marrakech, chic and laid-back terrace, the ideal spot to taste delicacies at any time that takes your fancy? The Royal Mansour has an answer to your every desire. On either side of the iconic blue patio and gardens, the Royal Mansour Marrakech restaurants promise an unforgettable sensory experience, orchestrated by the creative of two great chefs: Yannick Alléno for La Grande Table Marocaine and Le Jardin and Massimiliano Alajmo for Sesamo. Food, luxury and gourmet-lovers looking for something different have but to choose the setting in which the journey shall begin… 


La Grande Table Marocaine - Moroccan Fine Dining

La Grande Table

The fine dining restaurant putting a fresh spin on the flavours of Morocco and Marrakech.

Will you join the list of those who describe the La Grande Table Marocaine as the best restaurant in Marrakesh? Fruit of Yannick Alléno's bond with the Kingdom he holds close to his heart, having studied specialities from the North to the South, the famous Moroccan restaurant fuses the culinary excellence of modern times with traditional cuisine.

The very best of Moroccan fine dining is served in an equally matched setting: simply royal. High ceilings, original artworks, designer linens, cutlery, glassware and peaceful melodies from luth and oud musicians: the omnipresent elegance is there to give rise to the greatest pleasure.

Sesamo - Italian Restaurant at the Royal Mansour Marrakech


For decoration, the Royal Mansour Marrakech naturally turned to the architecture and decoration professionals, 3BIS, who have been decorating and providing their services to the Palace since it opened in 2010.

With high ceilings, wall hangings and contemporary elements, each small detail has an impact on our guests. While dining in one of the most refined settings, gourmet guests are sure to feel the true spirit of Venetian palaces when visiting our hotel.

Michelin-star chef Massimiliano Alajmo, referred to by many food critics as "the Mozart of Italian cuisine, has created a menu inspired by the world around him. Offering all the flavours of Italy in a setting worthy of the most refined Venetian palaces. All the soul of Venice is restored in Sesamo by a harmonious blend of ancient and contemporary elements, showcasing the talent of local artisans. The menu offers simple, gourmet and family cuisine that enhances local products.

Opening hours: 12:30pm to 8pm. 

Discover the sample menu here

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Le Jardin Bar & Restaurant - Asian and Mediterranean cosmopolitan-inspired

Le Jardin

It's in Le Jardin at the Royal Mansour, from great Arab-Andalusian tradition, that the luxury hotel in Marrakesh adorned its fourth restaurant. The palace's open-air restaurant for gourmets offers a unique experience during which your senses will be enticed by the freshness, flavours and amazing chic and relaxed atmosphere. 

In the shade of the pergolas, you can enjoy garden salads, tapas, barbecues, Asian-style ceviche, sushi and other Japanese delicacies prepared by the Royal Mansour Marrakech chefs.

Le Jardin restaurant offers Asian and Mediterranean-influenced cuisine based on sharing, creativity and surprise. Under the leadership of Chef Yannick Alléno, the unique menu is inspired by the stories of the great Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta, who brought new cooking methods using embers back from Asia.

Opening hours: 12pm to 5pm throughout the year and 7pm to 10:30pm in spring and summer.

Discover the sample menu here

The Main Bar - An ode to Art Deco glamour

The Main Bar

As soon as you enter the Royal Mansour bar, in the central pavilion, the tone is set. Hand-sculpted silver ceiling, walls lined with rose gold leaves, vintage carved chairs…In "Roaring Twenties" spirit, evenings at the Royal Mansour pulse to the sound of musical tracks recorded by Beatrice Ardisson just for the palace.

Fireplace Lounge - Charming woodwork and British style

The Fireplace Lounge

Dimmed lights, fragrant leathers, inlaid woodwork…you've opened the door to the Fireplace Lounge, just a few steps away from the Main Bar. Across from you, floral-patterned screens open out to the garden, revealing an unusual transparent fireplace crackling at the foot of the palm trees. Soon the sounds of the piano playing will take you away.

Cigar Bar - Warm and woody scents

Cigar Lounge

Located on the first floor of the main building, the Cigar Bar entices curious and experienced amateurs looking to taste and enjoy. The cabinet with its previous wood framing and mother-of-pearl lining displays a collection of renowned branded cigars. Comfortably settled in a Dandy style sofa, you'll forget all about time…

The Library - The regulars' favourite

The Library

On the other side of the patio, the library draws luxury-lovers in with books resting on reed inlay furniture; an area for reflection. There is no better place to escape into the literature, decorative arts and culture of Marrakesh and Morocco.