Experience & Wellness at Royal Mansour Marrakech Spa

Designed as a sanctuary completely devoted to your senses, the Royal Mansour Marrakech Spa creates an intimate universe with a separate entrance to the rest of the hotel. Enter via the citrus garden, where the colours and fragrances will already enchant you.. 

  Exceptional Treatments - 'regeneration and ultimate effectiveness'


Exquisite scents, delicate strokes, deep vibrations, withdrawal and time for oneself… It's the sweet smell of well-being that comes from the treatment rooms of the Royal Mansour Spa. Massages, beauty care, facials and body treatments are offered in rooms built magically for beauty and relaxation. Settle down in one of the treatment rooms or spa suites and let our therapists work their magic. The light atmosphere, soothing sounds will transport you into deep relaxation.

Cleanse your skin, smooth wrinkles, get an even complexion, provide nourishment and stimulate micro-circulation. Relax, rebalance your energy and reach complete well-being with an effective and revitalising massage.

Well-being philosophy is applied to unique body treatments spanning from targeted sessions to holistic therapy. Body wraps, exfoliation, intense hydration and lipomodelling: our body treatments act like a restorative and healing balm. Hair removal, foot and hand treatments, hairstyling, event make-up and touch-ups…The beauty treatments of the Spa meet all the prime criteria to bring your aesthetic dreams to life and make your personality shine.

Opening hours: 10am to 9pm every day for both guests and non-residents.

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  Hammam - 'Escape to your inner equilibrium'


The Royal Mansour Spa hammam is a hidden jewel where the purity of pearly white marble and gentle murmur of fountains set the scene for pure relaxation. The master-room of the Royal Mansour Marrakech Spa, the hammam, invites you to enjoy an immersive and sensual experience rooted in the Moroccan lifestyle. Let the journey of inner harmony begin.

The hammam ceremony is based on the purification and beauty rituals of former times. To create the hammam treatments, the  Royal Mansour Marrakesh Spa traced the history of thermal baths and uncovered the beauty secrets of the Moroccan women who bear the traditions of this thousand-year-old art. To fulfil the needs of skin in all its variations, each natural ingredient from royal farmlands is meticulously selected.

From your very arrival in the Royal Mansour Marrakesh Spa hammam, you'll be taken over by a feeling of satisfaction. Chiaroscuro filtered light, embracing warmth, the light murmur of water…The more you immerse yourself in the hammam, the warmer the atmosphere gets and the water vapours sooth the depths of your soul. In no time at all, your body and soul are united to take in the reinvigorating effects.

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  Gym - 'where training is a pleasure'


The hidden temple of the Royal Mansour Spa dedicated to training and fitness. Training programmes and memberships at the gym offer palace guests and outside members a unique revitalising experience. Get a taste of the invigorating pleasure of sport in a legendary spa.

Whether you wish to improve your physique, maintain your sport routine, tone up or target certain areas of your body, there is a latest-generation device for every requirement in the Royal Mansour Marrakech gym. Treadmill, elliptical trainer, exercise bike, wave machine, weight machines and dumbbells offer the very best to train every part of your body.

At your own pace, with or without a coach, gently or intensely, stretching, cardio training, endurance training and weight training will propel you towards effective, pleasurable, explorative sporting dynamism.

Opening hours: 7am to 9pm every day

  Spa pool - The orange-orchard inspired pool

Spa Pool

As soon as you enter the Royal Mansour the orange-orchard inspired pool seduces you with the undeniable charm of its glass covering that dazzles with the sun's rays. Start the day off with a swim, sooth muscles after a gym session or simply bask in a 22-metre pool filled with rejuvenating waters; the Royal Mansour Spa is the place to be.

  Fitness & workout sessions


In the Royal Mansour Marrakech gym you will get a new feel for exercise. With its consistent natural light, high-tech equipment and mythical setting, exercisers of all levels will feel the benefits and energy.

Time will stand still while you let go of all stress to rebalance and boost your vital energy…Yoga and Pilates sessions offer all the finesses of the thousand-year-old way of life aimed at self-development to the fullest extent.

  Hair Salon & Treatments - 'have a hair makeover, enhance your look'

Inline Hair

Every experience in the Royal Mansour Marrakech hairdressing salon is original and captivating. Discover the unequalled beauty in the heart of the legendary spa, where hairstyling and luxury living become one.

Sign up to a special hair treatment in the hairdressing salon of the Royal Mansour Spa, which uses natural Leonor Greyl products. Our hair stylists will unleash their creativity and provide hair care, cuts and subtle or bold dyes with one goal in mind: to give you the ultimate look and make your beauty shine.

Then fully relax for a while to the hypnotic movements of a scalp massage. Thanks to the combined effect of the movements, textures, fragrances and restorative mask, your scalp will revive and all tension will disappear…The prelude to highly beneficial regeneration.

Opening hours: 10am to 9pm every day for both guests and non-residents.

  Le Jardin & Swimming Pool - 'Arab-Andalusian harmony under the open sky'

Outdoor Pool

By the Royal Mansour Marrakech swimming pool, shades of vegetation sing a hymn to the art of great Ochre City gardens. Romantic kiosks, geometric flowerbeds, palm trees delicately floating in the air, birds singing: an awakening for the senses.

Ideal at any time, the main swimming pool of the Royal Mansour Marrakech blends harmoniously into the luxuriant garden. Sun loungers, shaded terraces, and sand-coloured furniture surround this idyllic 30-metre-long, 20-metre-wide pool. A refuge to escape, socialise and wind down in.

Next to the pool, seven private pavilions from 45 sqm to 80 sqm allow you to relax in sweet intimacy. The terrace that opens onto the pool and air-conditioned lounge is a comfortable and fresh refuge, particularly enjoyed on hot summer days…