Our Premier Collection in the Morocco


Morocco; the gateway to Africa, is a melting pot of languages, cultures with ancient traditions, as well as classic and modern architecture of French, Spanish, Arab and Berber influence which represents the country's rich and varied history.

This is a diverse country, from the Mediterranean influenced north, the coastal plains along the Atlantic coast to the west, the mighty snow-capped Atlas Mountains to the east and the sand & scrub of the Sahara Desert to the south.

Here you will meet the exotic and the familiar, take in the contrast between ancient Medina and Ville Nouvelle, feel the hospitality and warmth of your hosts; all adding up to make Morocco an intense, enthralling and rewarding experience. 

There is much to offer everyone who visits and with enough time, you can enjoy a whole range of activities, from hiking & skiing in the Atlas Mountains, getting lost in the souks, exploring the Sahara on a camel trek, trying a Moroccan cookery class, to just relaxing at one of the laid-back beach resorts such as Essaouira.

This is a country people return to again and again.