Our Guide to Rural Morocco

Rural Morocco, a place to truly unwind 

If chaotic city breaks are not for you, or maybe you are looking for a change from sandy beaches, why not take a step back and unwind in one of Morocco's more rural areas, where time really does stand still. Whether you are looking for a private riad or a hotel stay, there will be something for you within our collection of accommodation across the rural parts of Morocco. 

Contrary to popular opinion, Moroccan's are actually very laid-back people, which is not always evident when visiting one of Morocco's bustling cities, however, stay in the countryside and you will find yourself enveloped in calm.  Take in a deep breath of fresh mountain air by the Atlas Mountains, or find yourself relaxing under the sun by the swimming pool; these rural parts are the perfect destinations for those looking to sit back and unwind on holiday. 

Of course, where ever you choose to stay, the helpful in-resort teams will be able to help you get out and explore the nearby areas, whether this is taking a hike along the Atlas Mountains, heading to the golf course or visiting the local towns, markets and souks.