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Discover Brac Island


Brac Island is the largest island in the Dalmatian group, separated  by a channel from mainland Croatia. Below you will find some of the top attractions on Brac Island; 


  Supetar Bay 

Supetar is the largest town on Brac Island and is a popular destination for holiday makers. It has plenty of bars and restaurants, as well as a pebble beach where almost all types of water sports are available. One of the main attractions in the town is the Church of Annunciation, where you will find the altar painting of the Annunciation and the monumental staircase.

You can also get to Split from Supetar as there is a ferry that runs between them both. The journey takes around 45 minutes. 

  Vidova Gora

One of the highlights of the island is the Vidova Gora which at 778m, is the highest peak on all of the Adriatic islands. If you enjoy hiking or biking then this mountain is definitely worth a visit. There is a mountain trail that runs from Bol, or alternatively you can get access to the mountain by a paved road beginning at the Kneževravan highland, close to Nerežišće. 

Please note that the mountain trail that runs from Bol would be a moderate-difficult hike. 

  Golden Horn (Bol or Zlatni Rat beach)

The Golden Horn beach is one of the most popular beaches in Croatia due to its unique shape. The beach is located near to the small village of Bol on Brac Island and is surrounded by a mass of pine trees. It is well known for windsurfing/kitesurfing and you will find nearby centres where you are able to rent the equipment or take lessons. 

  Lovrecina Bay

Lovrecina bay is located between Postira and Pučišće on Brac Island. It is a popular place to visit as it has a sandy beach which can be hard to find in Croatia! There is a good cafe/restaurant and there is also a meadow where you can relax if you do not feel like staying on the beach. There is parking if you wish to access the beach by car. 

The bay is also well known for the remains of the St. Lawrence basilica which took place in the 5th and 6th century. Local pilgrims from surrounding villages visit Lovrecina on the feast day of St. Lawrence (10th August). 

  Draulik Dive Centre 

Draulik Dive Centre is located in Milna, a village on the western side of Brac Island. The centre offers a wide range of activities such as diving experiences, scuba diving, water sports, boat trips and excursions, speed boat trips, kayaking and canoeing. They also offer day trips such as river rafting and zip lining. 

  Island of Bisevo

The island of Bisevo is the remotest inhabited island in Croatia. The highlight of the island is the Blue Cave which is extremely popular with tourists as at certain times of the day the cave lights up with a glowing blue light. There are lots of excursion companies that provide boat trips which include a visit to this cave.

Alternatively, you could travel to the island of Bisevo by jumping on a ferry from Milna to the island of Vis, and from there a smaller ferry to the island of Besivo.