Explore Nature

If you enjoy nature, and want to get the best views of Dubrovnik the taking the cable car up to Mt Srd. The ride from outside the Old Town up to the mountain takes just a few minutes. Tickets can be bought from the ticket office at the entrance point of the cable cars. The top of the mountain is home to a Napoleonic fort completed in 1812 which was later expanded by the Austrians.  There are options to hike up the mountain for those who enjoy the climb.

Another fantastic attraction for nature lovers is Trsteno Arboretum. First created in the 15th century the arboretum contains plants and trees collected by sailors and merchants from around the world, these have been collected and cared for over centuries. This attraction is available to access by bus from Dubrovnik. This is a beautiful area of natural beauty, which has also featured in the popular game of thrones TV series.