FaQs In resort questions


 1) Does the villa have a safe?

To find out if your villa has a safe please check the property listing on our website. A safe will be listed under 'amenities'. If you are unable to check the website please contact the maintanence company listed in your pre-departure electronic handbook and email. 


 2) I've forgotten the key safe code or am unsure how to use the safe, who do I call?

Please call the maintenence team listed in your pre-departure electronic handbook and pre-departure email, they will be able to assist you. 


 3) How close is the nearest supermarket?

To find out which supermarket is closest to you, please see your electronic handbook, or check the property listing and view the 'maps' section. 


 4) Where can I hire a car? 

We do not arrange car hire for our guests and most people tend to use transfers when staying in Kalkan, therefore we cannot recommend a particular company for this. There are many car hire companies both based in Dalaman and Kalkan and a  quick  google  search should bring up quite a few options.


 5) Can you recommend any restaurants?

 There are many places to eat in Kalkan, to see which ones would best suit you TripAdvisor has customer reviews. Our restaurant  webpages may also be helpful if you are unfamiliar with Kalkan. 


 6) Are there cash points in Kalkan?

 There are several cash points in Kalkan, these are usually located outside banks along the main street.


 7) Where can we buy beach towels?

 Most of the supermarkets and souvenir shops in Kalkan will also sell beach towels.

 8) Can I hire a boat for the day?

 Boat hire is available in Kalkan, to see further details such a pricing, please view our watersports page.


 9) Can I use my credit cards in Kalkan?

 You can use credit cards in Kalkan at the ATMs and selected restaurants and shops.


 10) What are the emergency numbers?

 If you need the Police, Jandarma (military police), Fire Brigade,  Ambulance or Coast Guard, call 112 and they will contact the  relevant  department. The only emergency number you will need in Kalkan is 112. This  applies for the whole Antalya region.

 Please note, if you call 112 from a landline, they will automatically  have your location, as they will have the address for where the  phone  is registered. This is helpful if you are unable to provide  clear  directions.

To see more detail about emergencies in Kalkan, please see our emergency webpage.


 11) Can I book a transfer to and from the airport?

If you would like to book transfers please contact The Turquoise Collection, we are able to arrange transfers before your trip, or during your time away To see prices please see our transfers webpage.

 12) What time are the supermarkets open?

Many of the supermarkets in Kalkan are open until midnight, however many of the smaller stores will open later. 

 13) Which restaurants deliver?

There are many restaurants in Kalkan that also do a delivery service, it is worth downloading the  Villa  Eats app (available on Android and Iphone  https://www.villaeats.com/), this is well used in Kalkan to order food delivery. Payment is in cash upon delivery.

 14) Can I get daily bread delivery?


 15) Can I have a local taxi number?

 There are usually numbers for taxi's on the fridge in each villa. These are usually contactable by WhatsApp. Please see some numbers below:

Ahmet Serter Taxi +905449679963 (contactable via WhatsApp or phone) 

 16) There are some lightbulbs that need replacing, what should I do?

 Please contact the designated maintenance team with the contact details provided in your handbook. 


1 7) We have a powercut, what should we do?

  Please contact the designated maintenance team with the contact details provided in your handbook. 


 18) Where can I book tours?

 There are many excursion tour operators in Kalkan. To see some suggestions please see the below list; 


Volume Tours- http://www.volumetravelturkey.com/contact-us/ -  +90 242 844 2366 - info@volumetravelturkey.com

Adda Tours - https://www.addatours.com/ - +90 242 844 3610  - info@addatours.com


 19) What tours are available?

 Please see our website tours page for more information on what tours are available in and around Kalkan. 


 20) What time does the Dolmus go to Patara/ Kaputas?

Patara Beach:  Every half an hour from 10:00 to 12:00 and then every hour on the hour until 18:00. The trip takes approximately hirty to forty-five minutes. There is an entrance fee for Patara beach which helps fund the conservation projects.

Kaputaş Beach: Daily every half an hour from 09:30 to 12:00 and then every hour on the hour until 18:00. Thejourney takes approximately fifteen minutes.

 21) What is the entry fee for Patara beach?

The 2019 entrance fee for Patara beach was 24TL for entrance for both the ruins and the beach itsself. Prices may be subject to change. 

 22) Can I have a late checkout?

We are not able to provide late checkouts at the villas and apartments,some guests find it convienient to book an extra day of accommodation to be able to make the most of their time before they travel to the airport. 

On occassion we are able to organise the use of facilities at a nearby hotel. Please speak to our travel consultants for more information. Subject to availability.

 23) My flight is delayed, what should I do?

If you have booked your transfers through The Turquoise Collection, please contact our transfers partners to inform them of any delays to your flights. We ask that you check your flight information 72 hours before your flight is due to leave and inform our travel partners as soon as possible. 

 24) I need to print a boarding pass for my return flight, where can I do this?


 25) There is an issue with the water supply at the property, why might this be?

Please contact the maintenence company using the information provided in your guest handbook.


 26) I need to find an emergency dentist, who should I visit?

 Should you need a dentist during your time in Kalkan, please see the contact information below.

 Private Likya Oral and Dental Health Clinic. Open Monday to Saturday. Tel: (009) 0242 844 2423. Kalkan Mah. Şehitler Cad. No:     23, Kalkan.


 27) There is a problem with my pool, what should I do?



Please contact the maintenence company using the information provided in your guest handbook.

 28) I have a crime to report, who do I contact?

 If you have a crime to report, please call the Jandarma office directly on (009) 0242 844 3005.


 29) There is no hot water at the property, who can fix this?

  Please contact the maintenence company using the information provided in your guest handbook.