Discover the Trogir Riviera for your holiday in Croatia


Trogir is a lively Mediterranean town that makes up the Trogir Riviera along with Marina, Seget Donji, Seget Vranjica and Vinišće. The area is rich with Mediterranean vegetation, olive groves and vineyards, numerous islands and bays, sand and pebble beaches.

Trogir has one of the biggest historical heritages in the world and since 1997, the city of Trogir is under the protection of UNESCO, as a town monument by UNESCO. Due to its location and natural protection, its nautical port is a favourite destination.

Trogir was founded by the Greek colonists who came from island of Vis in III Century before Christ. On that ancient core, lies the historical heart of Trogir, which is the best preserved romantic-gothic town, not only on Mediterranean, but in whole central Europe. 

Enter through the old town gate and take a walk through the town and let your imagination take you back in time. Relax in a cafe on the main town square and enjoy the view of the cathedral, town clock and palace whilst waiting for your guided tour. You can climb up to the church bell of St. Lawrence cathedral and enjoy the unique panoramic view of Trogir and the surroundings.