There is much to see both in Kalkan, and the surrounding area. Whether you explore on foot, by car, or by boat, there are some of Turkey's best beaches, beautiful and dramatic scenery, historic sites, mountain villages and lovely coastal towns to discover nearby, as well as the many charms of Kalkan's beautiful and historic old town itself.


1.) Hire a car and take the coastal drive from Kalkan to Kas


Hire a car and take the coastal drive from Kalkan to Kas. It is around 20 miles and this winding road hugs the coast line past gorges, small bays and beaches on one of the most beautiful drives in Turkey. The mountains rise steeply above you as the journey progresses and there are places to stop for refreshment along the way. Kas itself has a very impressive marina which is worth a look, and is a charming and bustling coastal town in which you will want to spend some time.


    2.) Visit the rural mountain villages and restaurants


The Mountains behind Kalkan reveal small villages untouched by tourism, streams of rushing water coming down the mountainside used by trout farmers, and some delightful restaurants with views down the valley to the sea. As you climb higher, pine forests replace the Olive trees and wild tortoises can often be seen on the side of the road.  Enjoy incredible views, particularly on the way down, and a glimpse at traditional rural Turkish life. This area is 10-15 minutes drive from Kalkan and easily reached by hire car or taxi.


   3.) Take a walking tour of Kalkan's old town


A walking tour of Kalkan old town takes in the harbour, beach and historic architecture that tells the story of this area which was settled around 150 - 200 years ago. Start at the Mosque, formerly a Greek Orthodox Church. (See our history of Kalkan) and make your way around the narrow cobbled streets to discover Kalkan's past. Engage with the locals who will be only too pleased to share their proud history with you.


    4.) Charter a traditional Turkish Gulet


Charter a traditional Turkish Gulet and set an itinerary with the captain to discover the many beautiful towns and bays along this stretch of coastline. Daily charter from around £450 a day (10 guests).


    5.) Visit nearby Historical sites 


Hire a car or take a tour to visit Roman and Byzantine historic sites of significant importance that are located within 60-90 minutes. See our travel guides for more information.


    6.) Explore the activites available at Saklikent Gorge


During the tourist season, when most of the snow from the Taurus mountains has melted  and made its way through the gorge into the Xanthos river, it is possible to walk up to 4km through the narrow canyon in the icy cold waters, making it a cool refuge on a hot summers day. At an extra cost of approx 30YTL its is possible to raft down the river on an inflatable ring which is great fun and very popular.  Go white water rafting in the Saklikent River, and visit the gorge afterwards. The Canyon is 300 meters deep and 18 km long; one of the deepest in the world.  The fast flowing water rushing through the gorge and the dramatic mountain landscape is incredible.